Get involved

Museums For Future is open to everyone who shares our goals and values.


Prior to every global strike we will share a list with simple actions museums can take in support of #FridaysForFuture. Sign up to our newsletter to receive these actions and reach out to if you have taken successful action in your museum and would like to share your experience.


If you take action, share your work with the hashtag #MuseumsForFuture. We will try to amplify your voices as much as possible. If you have great photos or videos of an event, feel free to share them with so we can include them in our newsletter to encourage others.


If you’d like to support the small, dynamic, and globally distributed team behind the hashtag, send an email to Thanks already.


Feel free to use our logo on your posters, pins, t-shirts, or other creative expressions:

Please share your creations using #MuseumsForFuture.