About Us


We envision a world in which every museum is climate-conscious and a bold advocate of the Paris Agreement, drawing on their rich cultural capital and storytelling expertise to engage their audiences and communities with relevant and compelling messages that drive positive change to prevent ecological breakdown and secure a sustainable, equitable and culturally diverse future for all.


  • To foster dialogue between heritage organizations/institutions, local communities, and the global public around the Paris Agreement;
  • To mobilize museums around the world to participate in coordinated actions that raise awareness to the climate crisis;
  • And to build a network of heritage organizations/institutions inspiring others with their dedication to sustainability.

About us

Museums for Future is a non-profit, independent organization. We are a global community powered by passionate local networks of museum workers, cultural heritage professionals, and dedicated institutions. We are an alliance to our children, grand-children, and the best available science in our mutual aim to meet the +1.5°C target of the Paris Climate Convention and global climate justice. Join us!

How we operate

We operate in accordance to the principles and values outlined by the  #FridaysForFuture movement, and in particular with these 7 principles, which we hope to discuss and validate at a future meeting of everyone who is involved in the movement:

  1. We are a youth-driven movement that is open to everyone and brings people together.
  2. We commit to meeting the 1.5°C targets of the Paris Climate Agreement and achieve global climate justice.
  3. We are self-organized, distributed, and politically independent. We are open to all people who share our goals and values.
  4. We adapt our structures and approaches to favor local conditions.
  5. We advocate for and work on change on all levels — institutional, local, national, and international. We will not be taken over by any organization at any level.
  6. We operate in a democratic, transparent, and open way.
  7. We are a non-violent movement.

(Adapted from Friday For Future Austria’s principles)


Call to action coming soon!

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