Museums For Future
Culture Demanding Climate Action
Museums employees, museums visitors, museum enthusiasts and museum lover we need you to strike!

On September 15th, 2023, the next Fridays for Future global climate strike will take place worldwide. We call on everyone to join the strike and take action for climate justice. More infos about the strike, where and when you can join you can find here:




For other countries, check your local FridaysFor Future Group!

We love to see you are interested in getting to know Museums For Future!

We have prepared this short 20-minute introduction video to answer your most important questions:

  • What is Museums For Future?
  • Why do we need Museums For Future?
  • What are MFFs goals?
  • What are the local MFF chapters?

Grab a cup of tea and watch the video to meet some of our fantastic volunteers from Austria, Germany and Türkiye.

You have more questions? We got you - just head to the FAQ section.

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Start taking action now!
3 actions to support Fridays For Futures
Go on #ArtStrike, put an object on strike.
Welcome strikers in your museum.
Stop accepting money from fossil fuel companies.
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