Recap: Green Week 2021

call to action
Together with museums and museum professionals (and of course museum go-ers and art enthusiasts) we celebrated Earth Day and asked museums to go green. We were stunned how many of you showed up and off: so many marvellous #greenestobjects were highlighted in our second #curatorbattle and many more green events happened near and far. And even though, we said in our call to action that we “may not be able to turn our institutions green overnight”, all our social media feeds somehow magically did. Thank you for being part of this!
Thank you all for making the (museum) world greener! #museumsgogreen.
Here are some MFF team favourite moments from the Green Week!

Anna: “Museums and communities from all around the world are envisioning, demanding and working towards a greener (museum) world. Change is coming and #GreenWeek showed how we can get there!”

Florian: “I enjoyed the creativity of all the posts. The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art for instance showed with its #GreenestObject how the future will be: Green and so shinyyyy!”
Diane: “It was fabulous to see how the #greenweek campaign was taken up globally and even managed to reach beyond the horizon of ‘Museums For Future’. This movement has no boundaries!”

Janette: “During earth week, I noticed a lot of attention to the issue of sustainability in museums. Worldwide networking, not least through social media, allows us to notice how present mindfulness is in many museums and shows that individual activists are not alone. Let’s hope that this is only the starting point of a long-term engagement with climate protection.I personally found the discussions at the “Assembly for permacircular museums“, a conference organized by ZKM, the Center for art and media in Karlsruhe, to be very inspiring, bringing together interdisciplinary and diverse approaches to a (possible) contemporary museum practice and its needs.”

Silvia: “We have found it! The greenest collection item we have in the Slovak Mining Museum (SBM) – a sample of Malachite which is exhibited in the SBM’s Mineralogical Museum.”