#WhatWouldntBee: World Bee Day 🐝

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Join us by sharing an item from your museum’s collection that wouldn’t exist without bees and other essential pollinators. Share the photos on social media with #WhatWouldntBee and include a description of how pollinators keep our museums buzzing with art and nature. Feel free to get creative!
Museums, as well as individuals, are encouraged to participate. Take a peek at the wide variety of digital collections available to us online. As you are considering what BEEautiful item you would like to share in recognition of #WorldBeeDay, enjoy this example of art and nature brought together to inspire us during these challenging times. Always a reason to #Beehopeful!
World Bee Day began in 2017 and coincides with the birthday of Anton Janša, who developed modern beekeeping techniques in Slovenia in the 18th Century. The aim of World Bee Day is to remind the public and policy-makers of the importance of protecting Bees and halting the continued degradation of ecosystems and biodiversity. Pollinators are key to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about World Bee Day and what you can do to support Bees.
Museums for Future believes that as trusted mediators of culture, science and technology, and the arts, museums must take responsibility to communicate the scientific principles behind the climate crisis, the effects of anthropogenic global warming to nature and society. Our climate and ecosystem are inter-reliant on many factors, pollinators being one of them. Thus, we encourage museums to acknowledge the contribution of Bees in creating a beautiful and habitable home within which we can come together to create art and share culture. Read about a museum championing biodiversity.
Bee sure to include some of our hashtags: #MuseumsForFuture#MuseumsGoGreen and #WhatWouldntBee in order to join our hive on social media!