Sustainability in Conservation

Welcome to the #MuseumsForFuture feature on conservation! In collaboration with #FridaysForFuture, the museum sector will be showing our support for the climate by participating in #MuseumsForFuture where we will be inviting museums to join the movement.

Climate protests have been taking place on a global scale every other month, but the work doesn’t stop with the marching. In the “off” months, #MuseumsForFuture will continue to showcase what cultural heritage professionals are doing by giving you an inside look into how sustainability applies to various specializations and aspects of museums. This month, we will be taking a deep dive into the fascinating world of art conservation and the incredible work being done by conservators around the globe to engage with sustainability via Sustainability in Conservation.
SiC was founded in 2016 and is an international organization which is dedicated to environmental awareness and green practices in the conservation of cultural heritage. SiC coordinates research projects and provides information to conservators looking to be more environmentally responsible in their daily work. Conservators have expressed their desire to be more sustainable and SiC is here to help by providing courses, research, programming, resources and an international network.

SiC is active on social media – you can find us on Twitter and Instagram @SiConserve and on Facebook. Our digital platforms showcase SiC’s various programs and encourages conservators globally to engage with sustainable practices. Our website features a Tips and Tricks section that outlines small ideas which can make big impacts. Our Student section features the Student Ambassador Program, where students take sustainability into their own hands and following the themed SiC Handbooks find easy ways to make real change in their universities or training programs. SiC is currently developing a new resource center, The Guy Tree, which will have information about alternative materials, current research and sustainable alternatives.

For more information about SiC, check out and follow us on social media. Thanks to #MuseumsForFuture for featuring us and we look forward to showing you how conservators are contributing to a better future!