#ObjectsOfLove: 14 February

call to action
Together with climate activists from around the world, we invite museums to celebrate this day with a message of hope and climate action.
Museum collections contain the collective material memory of mother earth and humankind. The heritage, history, and art they contain are a testament to our creativity, ingenuity, and diversity. The climate crisis puts all of this at risk.
On 14 February, share your #ObjectsOfLove on social media to show a world that is worth protecting. Post a photo of an object from your collection, a historic site, a living tradition, etc. online and share the story of why it’s worth protecting.
Use the hashtag #ObjectsOfLove or #MuseumsForFuture and we will amplify your voice.
You can also send us your #ObjectsOfLove via email:
MuseumsForFuture is a global movement of museum professionals and friends working to make museums a force for climate action. We support the global #FridaysForFuture movement.