Nature et planète : en parler, l’exposer, s’en inspirer

Nature et planète : en parler, l’exposer, s’en inspirer

Rencontres muséo Paris – « Les musées à l’heure de l’urgence environnementale »

Commissaires du cycle : Diane DrubayLaurence Perrillat et Julie Botte

Face à l’interdépendance des crises que nous vivons, qu’elles soient sociales, environnementales, climatiques et de la biodiversité, il devient crucial que les politiques et pratiques muséales aient un impact sur notre futur. L’ambition de ce programme de trois rencontres est de donner des clés de compréhension et d’activation de projets faisables et durables. Nous débuterons avec un état des lieux des différentes portes d’entrée de la transition écologique, puis nous pencherons sur le cas précis des expositions temporaires et comment l’économie circulaire nous permet d’alléger l’une des activités principales des musées, et enfin, comment la nature inspire les artistes tout autant que les professionnels des musées.

Nature et planète : en parler, l’exposer, s’en inspirer

29 juin 2021- 18h-20h – En ligne

Nous parlons de crise environnementale mais savons-nous parler de la nature et de la planète ? La connaissons-nous assez pour pouvoir imiter ses principes et comment régénérer au lieu de consommer ? Comment faire pour que les musées deviennent ces caisses de résonance des défis sociaux et environnementaux, incarnent des principes de la nature dans leurs pratiques, valorisent artistes engagés lanceurs d’alerte, offrent une plateforme de discussion et de débats pour inspirer le changement ?

Assembly for permacircular museums: Exhibition-making, education, and care in times of ecological crisis

Assembly for permacircular museums: Exhibition-making, education, and care in times of ecological crisis

The cultural sector is giving more and more space to ecological as well as postcolonial discourses, but at the same time is itself caught up in capitalist entanglements. How can its institutions make the radical shift towards a permacircular future?

In recent years there have been numerous artistic and discursive contributions across museums, biennials, and institutions that all addressed the following question: How can art contribute to fostering solidarity, ecological becoming, and multispecies caring? The emergence of this »terrestrial turn« in cultural spheres has been, however, codependent on the globalization of the art industry and its reliance on abundant fossil energy, cheap flights, and material accumulation. Simultaneously, postcolonial debates have also gained visibility in cultural spaces historically established on colonial theft. How can institutions reflect their footprint and conditions of production despite being situated in a capitalist context? In other terms, can the institution be trusted to reinvent itself and, if so, what should a museum be?

In sustainable economics, »permacircularity« advocates resizing organizations in balance with Earth systems, while also retooling knowledge and practices towards planetary reparation. Taking as a point of departure the ecological blind spot of the exhibitionary complex, this assembly convenes institution leaders, curators, activists, artists, and educators to explore museums’ potential to become agents of radical mutation.

Over three days, the event brings together keynote addresses, case studies, roundtables, professional workshops, and artist performances to discuss the future of art institutions, share experiences, and explore alliances with radical and grassroots movements. The conference is initiated in the framework of the project »Notes towards a Permacircular Museum« by Stéphane Verlet-Bottéro for the exhibition »Critical Zones«. Following an exercise in mapping the show’s environmental footprint and a collective effort to restore an abandoned fruit orchard near ZKM, the project explores the possibility of expanding museum maintenance practices to more-than-human solidarity and sheltering.

The event is held in English.

On The Table: Community, Museums + The Future explores explores the evolving role of museums and their relationship with local communities.

On The Table: Community, Museums + The Future explores explores the evolving role of museums and their relationship with local communities.

About this Event

Join our panel of internationally-recognized cultural sector thought leaders as we explore the evolving role of community museums. As social and cultural agencies, museums can help foster healthier, more inclusive, sustainable and connected communities. Our panelists will give insight into how museums are working with their local communities to address some of the most important issues of our time as we look to emerge from a global health and economic crisis.

Each guest will introduce their topic before event participants break out into 30-minute long break-out rooms of their topic choice. Participants will then come back with recommendations or ideas of how the Canmore Museum can address these topics with it’s community over the next four years.

This On The Table event for the Canmore community and the Alberta cultural sector is being hosted in conjunction with the launch of the Canmore Museum Re-Imagined Strategy.

If you wish to make a donation, please contribute through CanadaHelps to either the BOW VALLEY FOOD BANK or the IYAHRHE NAKODA FOOD BANK SOCIETY. The Bow Valley Food Bank has been established to provide emergency food assistance to people experiencing a financial crisis and who are unable to purchase food for themselves or their families. The INFBS is committed to eliminating hunger in the Stoney Nakoda Communities with emergency food hamper assistance.


Our Panel Guests

Please join the Canmore Museum in welcoming these distinguished thought leaders to the table for this On The Table event.

Gail Lord, Lord Cultural Resources | Museums + Community Change. Gail is Co-founder and President of Lord Cultural Resources. Along with many leading publications. she has also co-authored with Ngaire Blankenberg the book Cities, Museums and Soft Power. Gail has led cultural and tourism plans for cities as well as planning, management and exhibition assignments for museums, galleries and cities throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, North America and Asia. In 2014, Gail was appointed Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters by the Minister of Culture of France. More recently, Gail Lord was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada.

Shivani Saini, Antelier Culturati | Museums + Empowering Inclusivity. Shivani is a consultant, producer and skillful communicator with over 25 years of professional film, tv, media and arts experience. She is a dedicated advocate for equity within mainstream media and the cultural sector. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree in Radio & Television from Ryerson University, and has worked in all genres of media production; in every role from the creative to the business side. Her portfolio includes groundbreaking museum content, award-winning television & film, cutting-edge theatre, international visual arts affairs, social media initiatives, and festivals that cultivate new works. Shivani is also the founder of Creatives Empowered, the first and only organization in Alberta for film + tv, media and arts professionals who are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

Doug Worts, World View Consulting | Museums + A Culture of Sustainability. Doug has been a museologist since 1980 and a ‘culture and sustainability specialist’ since 1997. He is co-founder of WorldViews Consulting which provides advice and support to a wide range of organizations that are interested in sustainability. Over the past three decades, Doug has published and spoken widely, in Canada and internationally, on topics of museum audience, creativity, education and the relationship of culture to sustainability. For almost 20 years, Doug’s special research and publishing focus has been on understanding and promoting the notion of a ‘culture of sustainability’. He is a founding member of the Canadian Working Group on Museums and Sustainable Communities and a recipient of a Senior Research Fellowship from the Canadian Museums Association.

Maddie Taylor, Cuseum | Museums + Creating Digital Communities. Maddie leads content and marketing at Cuseum, a platform that helps museums and cultural organizations engage their visitors, members, and patrons using the power of technology. Maddie has spearheaded a range of content initiatives, including the industry-acclaimed “Membership Mondays” and “This Week in Museums” webinar series. Maddie is passionate about emerging technology and innovation in the cultural space and she regularly produces resources that explore trends and topical issues in museums and cultural organizations. Before joining the Cuseum team, she worked with a number of cultural organizations in Europe.

Museums Facing Extinction – new video collection!

Museums Facing Extinction – new video collection!

Our longtime partner, We Are Museums has just posted a fantastic collection of videos entitled Museums Facing Extinction – check it out!

It features inspiring online presentations from renowned museum professionals speaking about the various challenges museums face(d) in 2020 and the inspiring opportunities they have to help build the world back in a better, more sustainable way.

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