Climate Arts in the Pandemic

Climate Arts in the Pandemic

The Climate Museum of New York invites you for a film screening of: CLIMATE ARTS IN THE PANDEMIC: A CONVERSATION WITH GABRIELA SALAZAR AND UNA CHAUDHURI

Last March, the Climate Museum team was eagerly anticipating the presentation of a sculptural installation and one-day participatory performance in Washington Square Park by the remarkable artist Gabriela Salazar—a work entitled Low Relief for High Water—to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April 2020.

We now invite you to a program dedicated to this work in suspension—and in progress.

Art about the climate crisis has gathered freight in the time of COVID-19. Personal and community resilience are more important than ever, and climate arts can connect our distant existential concerns to our closest shared values. Climate arts build community based on truth.

Join us on Friday, March 26 from 1-2pm EST to explore these themes with the screening of a short film about Salazar’s work, followed by an interactive conversation moderated by Climate Museum director Miranda Massie. The discussion will include:

  • Gabriela Salazar, Artist
  • Una Chaudhuri, Climate arts expert; NYU Professor of English, Drama, and Environmental Studies; and Director of the Center for Experimental Humanities

  • Micah Fink, Filmmaker and Professor of Social Documentary at the School of Visual Arts

  • Anais Reyes, Exhibitions Associate at the Climate Museum

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Climate Strike in Vienna!

Climate Strike in Vienna!

Wir lassen ein “Weiter wie bisher” nicht zu! Am 19.3. gehen wir als Teil der globalen Klimabewegung wieder auf die Straße. Denn Politik und Wirtschaft halten weiter an einem alten, fossilen System fest, das unseren Planeten zerstört. Keine leere Versprechen mehr!

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Global Climate Strike!

Global Climate Strike!
Museums For Future will take part in the #NoMoreEmptyPromises campaign by hosting an online #CuratorBattle with the theme #BiggestMouth. Are you in?
Show us the #biggestmouth of your collection in a Twitter or Instagram post!
Decision-makers are fast when it comes to applauding and promising Climate Action.
But besides a big mouth, we need real action … so we decided to approach this with a
pinch of humor. Find an object with the most spectacular mouth in your collection (as
an individual find big-mouthed artworks and link the museum), post it with the hashtag #BiggestMouth, nominate other institutions or people and help us get the message out for #NoMoreEmptyPromises.

Take a look at the Museum Climate Action Day Map shared by The ENA Climate Group & We Are Museums and join their Climate Strike Day Online Event on March 19th. Come, network, hang out, and get inspired by other institutions on how they are trying to become a role model in fighting the biggest crisis of our time.

MAK highlighting sustainability

MAK highlighting sustainability

The Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna, a first-hour MuseumsForFuture partner, presents their 2021 program, which again highlights on issues of sustainability, high-quality craftsmanship and longevity of products, local production, and social responsibility.

The essay elaborates on the MAK initiative WIENER WERKSTÄTTE (Viennese Workshop) and the concept of CLIMATE MODERNITY.

“2021 will be a key year for setting the course for an ecologically and socially sustainable future in the Digital Age. Never since 1945 has the future been so open, never before has it been within our power to change so much in a positive direction.”

MAK climate modernity

Read the full essay here!

Advent, Advent, the earth is on fire … Climate Watch on the Window Sill

Advent, Advent, the earth is on fire … Climate Watch on the Window Sill

“Lights out, light a candle” on December 12th

“As part of a Climate Watch on the Window Sill, candles placed on European window sills can send a signal for the climate and solidarity – everyone acting individually, yet all together, too. Under the hashtag #klimawache2020, everyone can share their own contributions through social media, resulting in an online sea of lights, in line with the motto of “lights out, light a candle”.

The climate crisis has been pushed out of the spotlight of reports and discussions by COVID-19. All the more important, therefore, to raise awareness again. To this end, the Graz Natural History Museum, together with prominent partners and the wider population, is calling for a campaign throughout Austria, Climate Watch on the Window Sill, to take place from 6 pm on December 12th, the day on which the Paris Agreement on climate change was reached.

Anyone wishing to take part and send a signal should place a burning candle in their window for one hour or longer from 6 pm on December 12th and turn off the lights in the rooms inside. In order to make this communal climate watch on the window sill visible online, too, photos and videos can be shared on social media under the hashtag #klimawache2020.”

Read more about the action and get your candles ready!



News from Fridays For Future!

“On Saturday, December 12th, people from around the world come together to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement. But there is no reason for celebration. Our leaders fail to contribute to a 1.5 degree pathway and the climate crisis is becoming uncontrollable. ​Read more! We can’t allow that to happen. ​

FFF and #FightFor1Point5 !​

Education for Action

Education for Action

Join the Climate Museum of New York City for an online celebration of what has already been accomplished and what the future holds for the museum and its extensive community. #MFFrecommends

“Please join us for a live stream Open House for GivingTuesday! We’ll celebrate all our community accomplished in this challenging year and preview what’s to come in 2021. We look forward to hearing your input. The Climate Museum team and special programming partners will share our plans for panel discussions, internships and youth arts, climate engagement tools, and future exhibitions—all with a focus on new opportunities and new imperatives.”

Find our more here!

Museums and Social Impact: Climate

Although the entire program of the 2020 MuseumDigit Conference, organized by the Hungarian National Museum’s National Centre of Museological Methodology and Information is ripe with interesting events, Paviliton C will be especially interesting for anyone interested in museum sector activities addressing climate change and social justice. #MFFrecommends

Participants will include: Ferenc Jordán, Diane Drubay, Nick Merriman, Kirsten Drotner, Anna Chiara Cimoli, Maria Chiara Ciaccherri and more.

Register now, it will be online and free!


Climate & the Economy

Climate & the Economy

The combination of liberal democracy and capitalist market economy aimed at achieving a ritualised sustained growth massively impacting our ecosystems and the climate. Climate conferences are becoming rituals that disappoint on an annual basis, failing to bring about any sustainable change. And while individual measures designed to reduce our ecological footprint are important, what we really need is a complete rethink of our economic system. How can a systemic change channelled more towards an eco-social tax reform succeed? What sort of incentives should society and the economy be offered in order to find and implement sustainable solutions? Can climate protection and a ‘healthy’ economic system go hand in hand?


Sigrid Stagl, Professor of Ecological Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business
Stefan P. Schleicher, economist, Wegener Centre for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz
Oliver Ressler, artist
Klara Butz, Fridays for Future activist
Moderator: Michael Huber, Kurier/futurezone

Participation is free of charge; please REGISTER at

The event is part of the Future Talk: Climate X Change series. 

Reimagining Museums for Climate Action: Mark Chambers and Miranda Massie

Reimagining Museums for Climate Action: Mark Chambers and Miranda Massie

The Climate Museum presents:Reimagining Museums for Climate Action: Mark Chambers and Miranda Massie

Sign up here.

What is a museum’s purpose? How can museums and the cultural sector transform to meet the demands of the climate emergency? What broader questions are raised for the mobilization of public space and the relationship between institutions and activism?

This event will start with a dialogue between Mark Chambers, Director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and Miranda Massie, Director of the Climate Museum, that will open out into a conversation with attendees on the themes raised by a major international design competition for which Massie serves as a juror. Reimagining Museums for Climate Action has attracted hundreds of entries from dozens of countries; winning work will be displayed at an exhibition leading up to and during next year’s COP26 at the Glasgow Science Centre.

Join us in envisioning how museums and other institutions can advance a major cultural shift on climate.

This is an official affiliate event of Climate Week NYC, with thanks to our partners at the Climate Group.

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