Protest Against Shell Sponsorship of the Science Museum

Protest Against Shell Sponsorship of the Science Museum
We support UKSCN London in their effort to protest the Shell sponsorship of the London Science Museum. If you are in London, we encourage you to join their efforts!
Please read their call o action carefully: “We wrote a letter to the Science Museum calling on them to end the Shell sponsorship of their new exhibition on carbon capture and storage. Their response wasn’t good enough. Join us outside the Science Museum on the 22nd of May at 2pm to demand the Science Museum #DropShell Notes: Please remember to wear a mask and respect social distancing. We are asking groups to not bring any branded placards etc.”

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Statement: Science Museum

As Museum For Future we welcome past and current efforts by the Science Museum to incorporate sustainability issues in their working practices, collections care and public education. We also recognize that there are and have to be many solutions when it comes to tackling the climate crisis and that it is imperative  to share knowledge about climate innovations with the wider public.

However, we also see direct sponsorship of the upcoming “Our Future Planet” exhibition at the Science Museum through Shell as highly problematic and contradictory.

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