Statement: Science Museum

As Museum For Future we welcome past and current efforts by the Science Museum to incorporate sustainability issues in their working practices, collections care and public education. We also recognize that there are and have to be many solutions when it comes to tackling the climate crisis and that it is imperative  to share knowledge about climate innovations with the wider public.

However, we also see direct sponsorship of the upcoming “Our Future Planet” exhibition at the Science Museum through Shell as highly problematic and contradictory.

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Climate Strike in Vienna!

Climate Strike in Vienna!

Wir lassen ein “Weiter wie bisher” nicht zu! Am 19.3. gehen wir als Teil der globalen Klimabewegung wieder auf die Straße. Denn Politik und Wirtschaft halten weiter an einem alten, fossilen System fest, das unseren Planeten zerstört. Keine leere Versprechen mehr!

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Global Climate Strike!

Global Climate Strike!
Museums For Future will take part in the #NoMoreEmptyPromises campaign by hosting an online #CuratorBattle with the theme #BiggestMouth. Are you in?
Show us the #biggestmouth of your collection in a Twitter or Instagram post!
Decision-makers are fast when it comes to applauding and promising Climate Action.
But besides a big mouth, we need real action … so we decided to approach this with a
pinch of humor. Find an object with the most spectacular mouth in your collection (as
an individual find big-mouthed artworks and link the museum), post it with the hashtag #BiggestMouth, nominate other institutions or people and help us get the message out for #NoMoreEmptyPromises.

Take a look at the Museum Climate Action Day Map shared by The ENA Climate Group & We Are Museums and join their Climate Strike Day Online Event on March 19th. Come, network, hang out, and get inspired by other institutions on how they are trying to become a role model in fighting the biggest crisis of our time.

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