Join us for Earth Day, 22nd of April! #MuseumsGoGreen

Join us for Earth Day, 22nd of April! #MuseumsGoGreen

Earth Day is just around the corner… and that means it is time once again to participate in the #GreenWeek! This is our way to highlight the many initiatives surrounding climate action and Earth Day.

The world needs green museums. And while we may not be able to green our institutions overnight, we can turn our logos green and accompany that change with pledges, statements, facts about climate change and examples of best climate practice within the museum sector.

Use the #MuseumsGoGreen to connect with us and the wider community!

For the week of April 19th – 23rd, we encourage you to turn your institution’s logo green on social media and share your commentary or action on climate change. Who knows whom you might inspire!…and that’s not all!

Be ready to rumble by the end of the week, when we kick off our next #CuratorBattle. Under the same hashtag #MuseumsGoGreen, we challenge you to post your greenest object between April 22nd and 23rd!

#WhatWouldntBee: World Bee Day 🐝

Wednesday, May 20th is World Bee Day. We will be celebrating our pollinators: critical components of our ecosystem and biodiversity.

Join us by sharing an item from your museum’s collection that wouldn’t exist without bees and other essential pollinators. Share the photos on social media with #WhatWouldntBee and include a description of how pollinators keep our museums buzzing with art and nature. Feel free to get creative!

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#ObjectsOfLove: 14 February

14 February, Valentine’s Day and International School Strike Day for the Climate. Together with climate activists from around the world, we invite museums to celebrate this day with a message of hope and climate action.

Museum collections contain the collective material memory of mother earth and humankind. The heritage, history, and art they contain are a testament to our creativity, ingenuity, and diversity. The climate crisis puts all of this at risk.

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#MuseumsForFuture November 2019

On 29 November 2019, museums in at least 19 countries showed the world culture can be a force for good.

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