10 simple action ideas to call for (digital) climate action

Museums around the world have closed their doors in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and #FridaysForFuture has moved its activities online. This means the next global climate strikes taking place in April will be different: no large masses in the streets, but savvy action online. Here are 10 action ideas – adapted from our original […]

14 February: #ObjectsOfLove

14 February, Valentine’s Day and International School Strike Day for the Climate. Together with climate activists from around the world, we invite museums to celebrate this day with a message of hope and climate action. Museum collections contain the collective material memory of mother earth and humankind. The heritage, history, and art they contain are […]

Ten simple actions conservators can take in support of the Fridays For Future movement

Following up on our ten generic simple action ideas for museums to support climate action, Caitlin from Sustainability in Conservation has prepared ten simple action ideas for conservators. Put energy saving stickers around the lab and shut the sash stickers on your fume hoods. Pick an object you are working on and find an aspect […]

#MuseumsForFuture feature: Sustainability in conservation

Caitlin Southwick, founder of Sustainability in Conservation, generously offered her and her team’s profound experience to create a #MuseumsForFuture feature for December and January that helps conservation become a force for good. Welcome to the #MuseumsForFuture feature on conservation! In collaboration with #FridaysForFuture, the museum sector will be showing our support for the climate by […]

Ten simple actions museums can take in support of the Fridays For Future movement

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