#MuseumsForFuture November 2019

On 29 November 2019, museums in at least 19 countries showed the world culture can be a force for good.

The global #MuseumsForFuture started in Vienna during the climate strike in September. This strike, museums in Vienna took to the streets in large numbers.

Our dear friends from the Network of European Museum Organizations (Nemo) contributed a lot to the movement, such as with translation our ten action points in 18 languages! (Others helped as well.)


In Germany, museums took the streets in many cities.

But it was not only Germany and Austria. Italian museums participated in large numbers as well.

Not only people went on strike. Art joined them in the largest ever #ArtStrike.

People, art… even robots went on strike!

Will you join us next time? #MuseumsForFuture!

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