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What is Museums For Future?
Museums For Future is an internationally operating organization, uniting museum professionals, museums and cultural institutions behind the best available climate science. We demand more ambitious and effective climate actions from (political) decision makers as for example that they fulfill the UN Paris Climate Agreement, especially remaining below +1.5°C global heating.
What does Museums For Future do?
We proactively support the claims of the climate movements started by the youth and Fridays For Future. We create and coordinate campaigns, approach key players in the cultural sector and raise awareness not only in the field, but also in society.
What´s the purpose and goal of Museums For Future?
We see a clear need for civil engagement to hold (political) decision makers accountable for fulfilling their contractual promises of the Paris Climate Agreement. In that sense, Museums For Future is an alliance to Fridays For Future, Scientists For Future, and many more. It is a valve for those, who feel dejected, helpless, and unheard in their work at museums and cultural institutions and want to increase their impact to reach a sustainable, ecologically friendly society.
Are you working with institutions or individual museum workers?

While Museums For Future is organized by voluntary museum professionals in their free time, we seek partnerships with institutions, museums, cultural and heritage organizations to give more weight to our claims. Also, we´d like to inspire institutions to enact their full potential in the transition to a sustainable society.
What campaigns and initiatives has Museums For Future done so far?
Museums For Future has repeatedly mobilized for global climate strikes on various sites. The #ArtStrike campaign sent exhibition objects and art pieces on strike. Due to the pandemic, we had to shift to virtual campaigns: #ObjectsOfLove and #GreenWeek were amongst the most successful. Also, we reached broad attention to our sustainably themed #CuratorBattles.

In Austria, where there is the highest density of member institutions, the member’s network plans a multi-institutional exhibition and the Museum Association themed their annual conference with “Museums For Future”.

Museums For Future Germany was specifically founded to raise awareness previous to the German election.
Where is Museums For Future based and active?
We are working internationally with individuals from several continents being active. Due to our roots though, we are currently more active in the European museum landscape.
Are you also active outside Europe?

However, we are reliant on volunteers and institutions from a region to start locally relevant campaigns. We are most happy to start something, so please reach out to us to start a new local Museums For Future in your region.
When did Museums For Future start?
In September 2019, the Viennese Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art inspired local museum workers in a brave step by joining the strike. After that, an independent movement formed and grew despite the Covid19 pandemic.
Can I only participate in Museums For Future, if I´m working at a museum?
No, you may participate, no matter who and where you are.

Especially for students and individuals envisioning a career in the cultural sector, we highly encourage you to profit from our network of international museum professionals and institutions. As sustainability is going to be a more important topic year by year, you can collect a beneficial additional qualification by supporting our movement.

There is no Museums For Future in my country – can I still join?

You will be the spark that inspires more people and institutions to join and we are going to help you to form a national Museums For Future alliance to our mutual cause. Of course, you can also contribute individually in our international campaigns.

How can I support Museums For Future?
Check out our Open Positions. We are reliant on volunteers in all aspects: Social Media, Newsletter, Homepage, Press, Outreach & Network, Strategy, Action planning and so on. With only a few hours a week, you can become the change you seek in the world.
I don´t have time to actively participate, but I like to stay updated – what can I do?
Participating may take less than you think. With only a few hours a week you can become the change you seek in the world.

However, if your time resources don´t allow for that, subscribe to our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and certainly don´t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.
What does it entail for an institution to become a "Museum For Future"?
As institution you can contribute in many ways. In our Declaration we identify four pillars of actions:
  1. Support (local) climate strikes and strikers.
  2. Communicate to your visitors and audiences (exhibitions, events, workshops, …)
  3. Transform your own institution sustainably according to the UN Paris Climate targets.
  4. Reach out and proactively raise awareness in your network (furnishers, artists, decision makers, private and federal sponsors, …)
How can my institution contribute to Museums For Future?
You can become a member institutions of Museums For Future by committing to the Declaration and joining our network. The Declaration lists four pillars of institutional engagement. Furthermore, we like to inspire you to start with a few actions from our list of 10 actions every institution can take.
I want my institution to join, but don´t know how to approach management. Can you help me?

Drop as an e-mail to actions@museumsforfuture.org and gives a bit of detail of your situation and we´ll get back you.
Does being a partner institution of Museums For Future mean that our whole museum has to strike every Friday?
No, not exclusively.

As museum you might actually support the cause better by not closing your doors, but opening them up and educating your visitors – after all this is what you are best at! Consult our list of ten actions that every institution can take right now, or be creative and let us know about an impactful, scalable way of how to support climate action institution-wise.
What actions could my institution take to become more sustainable?
If you set yourself a goal of one sustainable action each month, by 2030 you will have made tremendous steps towards the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Consult our list of ten actions that every institution can take right now. If you want to have more information, we gladly put you in touch with experts of sustainable museum development.
How can I make conservation in my institution more sustainable?
We are cooperating with the organization KiCulture, which supplies very down-to-earth and ready-to-use instructional guides for exactly that. Be sure to visit www.kiculture.org.
As an institution, how can I estimate my environmental impact, especially my carbon footprint?
That´s exactly the right question to start with: Where am I with my institution on the path towards climate neutrality. However, such calculations, when made properly, are quite complicated and far-reaching. Some of our partner institutions are currently piloting such efforts and we gladly connect you with them for knowledge-sharing, depending on your location and profile. Please get in touch with us at actions@museumsforfuture.org.
There is no Museum For Future from my country – can my institution still join?

You will be the spark that inspires more institutions to join and we are going to help you to form a national Museums For Future alliance to our mutual cause.

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