10 simple actions conservators can take in support of the Fridays For Future movement
Following up on our ten generic simple action ideas for museums to support climate action, Caitlin from Sustainability in Conservation has prepared ten simple action ideas for conservators.
  1. Put energy saving stickers around the lab and shut the sash stickers on your fume hoods.
  2. Pick an object you are working on and find an aspect of your treatment that you can make more sustainable.
  3. Maybe an alternative cleaning option or a reusable storage container. And if you don’t know how post your questions on our social media or forum and we can help you! @SiConserve Share your ideas and progress!
  4. Set up recycling programs.
  5. Find out whether there are any recycling schemes for materials you use in your studio – our website has some great information on glove recycling!
  6. When wrapping objects for transportation consider whether the packaging material is bio-degradable, reusable or recyclable.
  7. Make electronic or recycled business cards for conferences.
  8. Check out SiC’s Tips and Tricks for ideas!
  9. Organize a sustainability awareness meeting with your department.
  10. Pick a sustainable activity on #FridaysForFuture days and get the whole department to commit.
  11. Such as taking public transportation to work, not using any disposable cutlery/cups/plates or eating no meat.
  12. Share your ideas and research.
  13. Post on social media what ideas you have and what sustainability related research you are working on. Use #MFF and #SiConserve.
  14. Let your museum know about the #MuseumsForFuture movement and get them involved.
  15. Propose a project!
  16. Come up with an idea or identify areas of improvement and find a solution. Share with your department and with us! #MFF #SiConserve.
As always, take photos of your actions and share them with the #MuseumsForFuture hashtag or send an email to action@museumsforfuture.org. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive new action ideas and other news. Thanks!
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